Infrastructure & Facilities

At Oriental Group of Institutes, we pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class facilities designed to provide an optimal learning environment for our students. Our campus is equipped with modern classrooms, advanced laboratories, and comprehensive libraries that cater to the diverse academic needs of our students across various disciplines.

Computer Lab

OIST Bhopal has 1100 i5 /i3 core 2 duo desktop and servers with 100 Mbps leased lines. The Campus LAN is fully structured. The Network backbone is on fibre optics. The Network is fully secure and optimized through firewall. Power backup is maintained through online UPS.

OIST Bhopal Infrastructure
OIST Bhopal Infrastructure



The Multi-storied and well stocked Central Library of the Oriental Institute of Science & Technology has:

  • A wide range of books (near about 74496 volumes)
  • Periodicals (More than 20)
  • Leading news papers (6 English Plus 2 Hindi)
  • The concept of e-learning & C-library
  • Digital E-journals, which serve as a focal point for learning.
OIST Bhopal Infrastructure
OIST Bhopal Infrastructure
OIST Bhopal Infrastructure

The resource base consists of:

  • About 74496 volumes-7461 Titles.
  • 110 National and 12 International subscribed journals with 425 e-journals.
  • 3128 volumes 923 titles of General books.
  • A variety of CDs and video cassettes of academic interest.
  • Printed matter, in particular, includes publications that enable academic endeavor within the campus to stay abreast of frontier level developments across the globe.
  • Updating of the resource base is done regularly. Useful suggestions in this regard are drawn from all sections of the academic community.
  • Reprographic Facility.
  • Book Bank Scheme for students of all the semesters. Set of five books issued to student every semester.


Hostels & Guest House

Single and double room accommodation for boys and girls is available separately within the premises. Hostel rooms are well furnished with good hygienic atmosphere and automated machines. Other facilities include in house Canteen & Mess, Water coolers with UV Purifier, Recreation Room, Indoor games, Gymnasium, Medical room with Doctor & Nurse in attendance, PCO Bank, Post Office, Parking Round the clock Security and Wi-fi enabled Net connectivity.

24 Hours monitoring is done through warden and security personnel. Surveillance is maintained through CCTV.

Wi-fi campus has maintained library, good cafeteria and a general provision store. The Chief Warden, has an effective team of wardens and assistants to look after the maintenance and conduct of the hostels.

OIST Bhopal Infrastructure
Oriental Computer Science

Bus Facility

Buses ply on all the routes of Bhopal throughout the city, for the benefit of students. Subsidized transportation facility is available for students from the city to the institute on all of the routes of the city. Separate buses for Senior and Junior students.

Oriental Hostel

Medical Center

Medical Center with four patient beds has a regular medical officer, Dr. S.L. Paul, assisted by Ms. Jolly Suju (nurse) First-Aid facility attending emergency cases, free distribution of medicines and consultancy work, if required, are done here and emergency cases are referred to hospitals.

Student Activity Centre

Student Activity Centre is the most vital place for student interaction and serves as a support for all kind of student social activity. The Centre provides an atmosphere conducive to the improvement of College life,in general.It has round the clock access to study and locker facilities, security and information services. All the extra-curricular activities organised by the students of OGI, are conducted from this centrally located set up. Separate staff is assigned to help & assist the students.

At SAC we have:

  • Separate computers with internet connection.
  • Extra staff.
OIST Bhopal
OIST Bhopal