CSE - Data Science

Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers latest specialised programmes in the field of emerging area of Computer Technology called Data Science. Data Science is now considered as an important strategic Science and Engineering. We have full time degree programme. The core data science subjects comprise data analytics, visualization, predictive modelling and analytics for data- driven decision making. Knowledge representation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning will be taught with relevant case studies.

Course Mode:
Full Time
Course Duration:
4 Years
Entrance Exam:
JEE Main exam
- Based on candidates’ performance in JEE Mains, on All India Level.
- Passed 12th examination with Maths
- Min. 45% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) in B.Sc.
- Min. 45% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) in Diploma in Engg.


The course provides the knowledge and skills of both Data Science and Computer Science related technologies.

  • The course is in high demand globally.
  • The student pass outs establish themselves as Data Scientists in various private and public sectors.
  • The stream gives solution to real world problems, by applying knowledge.
  • In an ethical manner, in order to benefit governments and society at large.
  • It keeps pace with fast changing trends in Data Analytics and Data Science.

  Our Vision

Department will impact quality education and facilitate research relevant to needs n the national and international community which will help to improve the quality of human life related to data Science, forecasting, AI and related Areas.

  Our Mission

To organize human resource with technical and management skills, to meet the modern and futuristic Data science and Artificial intelligence demands of the industry and society at large, by delivering relevant curriculum and by undertaking relevant Research and especially practical on field application of technology.

  Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Preparation: Develop the ability to use the concepts of mathematics and computer science to think and work as Data Scientists
  • Knowledge: Develop the ability to analyze, design and develop interdisciplinary and innovative hardware and software solutions to solve the issues related to real world data.
  • Professionalism: Develop the ability to acquire effective communication skills, team work building skills, professional ethics and leadership quality for building a successful career in government, academia, and industry and R.

  Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • The ability to analyze and implement standard methods and schemes to predict and solve logical problems with the help of concepts in various Data Structures, Statistics, Machine learning, Tools of Data Science, etc.
  • To understand and implement the basics and latest trends specifically related to data
  • Facilities
  • Student Achievements
  • Departmental Activities
  • Student Activity Club


Laboratories Facilities

Data Science Lab 1
In this lab we have specific software related with basic of Data Science Like MS- Excel, Power BI, Tableau etc.

Data Science Lab 2
In this lab we have specific software related with computer science core subject Like VS code, Turboc3, Python ,Java, Oracle etc.

Data Science Lab 3

  • Here we are using higher configuration data science software which is able to work with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI based Project.
  • Fully Digital Lab
Other Facilities
  • Seminar Hall: A dedicated Seminar Hall with a capacity for 150 people and is equipped with Audio/ Video/ Internet facilities/ACs and Projection.
  • Departmental Library: A dedicated departmental library with more than 250 volumes and access to International Journals and Periodicals for students and Staff.
  • LCD Projectors: for presentations in labs and classrooms
  • NPTEL videos: series of audio visual CD are available for various subjects delivered by NPTEL.
  • Well-furnished classrooms & tutorial rooms.

Student Achievements

List of Toppers : 2022-23

IIIrd semester results based:
BranchEnrollment No.NameSGPA
CSE-Data Science0105CD211016 DIVYA RANE8.75
CSE-Data Science0105CD211034PRASANT CHANDRA PODDAR8.46
CSE-Data Science0105CD211014BHAWANA RATHORE8.42
CSE-Data Science0105CD211036PRIYANSHI ASHWALE8.38
CSE-Data Science0105CD211003ADESH CHANDELKAR 8.33

VIth semester results based:
BranchEnrollment No.NameSGPA
CSE-Data Science0105CD201064 VIKRAM AMULE 9.04
CSE-Data Science0105CD201021 DURGESH PATEL8.96
CSE-Data Science0105CD201016 BHAGWAN DANGI 8.83
CSE-Data Science0105CD201026 HARSHITA RAJPUT8.63
CSE-Data Science0105CD201004 ADARSH TIWARI 8.42

Student Achievements Co-curricular:

NPTEL Certificates which is run by Various IIT in India

SNEnrollment No.Name
1 0105CD201058 Syed Ahmed Naushad
2 0105CD211034 Prasant Chandra Poddar
3 0105CD201034 Muskan Nikhara
4 0105CD201032 Mohak Bhagat
5 0105CD201060 Trishal Pandey
6 0105CD201065 Yash Raj Mathur
7 0105CD201029 Jigeesha Parmar
8 0105CD201064 Vikram Amule
9 0105CD201022 Gagan Deep Gupta
10 0105CD201030 Lokesh Dhote

All Vth semester completes more than Three Course in coursera this is biggest platform in software industry for trained software expert all over the world

Student Achievements Extra-curricular:
SNEnrollment No.NameParticipate/Prize
10105CD201013Aryan BhagatA-1 Participated in RGPV Nodal Inter college Cricket tournament and won the tournament at RGI Bhopal
23 rd Runner-Up at Techfest in open badminton in RGPV Nodel 2023
B-1- Participated in RGPV Nodal Inter college Cricket tournament and won the tournament at Radharaman college, Bhopal
2-Runner-Up At SATI Vidisha cricket Tournament
3- Runner-Up at ICPL Cricket Tournament
4- Runner-Up at Techfest in open badminton in OIST
20105CD211004Adesh MishraParticipated in Lnct Football tournament
30105CD201001Abhimanyu KumarParticipated in RGPV Nodal Inter college Kabaddi tournament
40105cd211048Rudra TomarParticipated in RGPV Nodal Inter college Kabaddi tournament
50105CD201016Bhagwan SinghDangi Art & Culture-Eco friendly ganesha
60105CD201023Girish CharokarWon Football Tournament at IES Campus
Stood Runner-Up At VARCHAS'22 Fest Held at IIT Jodhpur
70105CD201043Rhythm Aphale Won Football Tournament at IES Campus
Stood Runner-Up At VARCHAS'22 Fest Held at IIT Jodhpur
80105CD201044Riya Singh Pariharbest content writing support in The Local market &kitchen 2021
90105CD201053Shivansh PrakashWon Football Tournament at IES Campus
Stood Runner-Up At VARCHAS'22 Fest Held at IIT Jodhpur

Departmental Activity

Details to be uploaded soon.

Student Activity Club

SNName of clubDescription
1Ichchha ClubThis club works as a backend of coding skills apart of lab manual of the course. Various technical workshop cover in this club.
2Manthan ClubThis club full fill the gap of theory knowledge which is important of skill