CSE - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The department provides a four-year undergraduate B.Tech degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning .This specialisation aims to prepare students to create intelligent devices, software, or apps using a powerful mix of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence's major goal is to teach computers how to solve problems using examples of data or experience. In order to give a comprehensive discussion of machine learning issues and solutions, this course addresses AI techniques and their applications in a variety of domains, including neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining. This 4 year undergraduate course of Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in AI & Machine Learning is designed to make the students technically sound in advanced learning systems that are based on algorithm of Artificial Intelligence. This programme develops the skills of creating fastest working apps or solutions integrated with analytical information ensuring 100% accuracy in the output.

Our goal is to develop high-quality engineering graduates by providing top-notch Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses. It features a comprehensive curriculum, as mandated by the RGPV, covering all elements of life with a focus on the most favoured practical learning. The course framework incorporates the most up-to-date technology.


Course Mode:
Full Time
Course Duration:
4 Years
Entrance Exam:
JEE Main exam
- Based on candidates’ performance in JEE Mains, on All India Level.
- Passed 12th examination with Maths
- Min. 45% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) in B.Sc.
- Min. 45% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) in Diploma in Engg.

  Our Vision

To train universally competent and ethical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning experts who are ready to assist industry and society at large.

  Our Mission

  • To offer students with a high-quality technical education that will enable them to learn for the rest of their lives and develop skills in advanced technologies in AI and ML.
  • To encourage research and development by giving chances to collaborate with industry and government organisations to address complicated engineering challenges.
  • To encourage students for professional growth by instilling ethical ideals and leadership abilities while collaborating with the community to solve social problems.

  Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge, AI & ML competency, and team management ability to work in a team.
  • Support country's economic progress by launching business with a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Conduct research in sophisticated AI and machine learning fields while still addressing society's basic requirements.

  Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Demonstrate understanding of human cognition, AI, machine learning, and data engineering in order to develop intelligent systems.
  • To deliver new solutions, using computational expertise and project development abilities.
  • Activities
  • Student Achievements


SN Topic Event Type Date Resource Person with designation
1 Industry Interaction with TCS officials Convention 09.03.2022 Mr. Gaurav Ghelani Regional Head - TCS Academic Interface Programme - India West & Central at Tata Consultancy Services
2 Expert Talk on Back to the Future Expert Talk 19.04.2022 Yashavant Kanetkar Famous Author and Founder, KICIT Pvt Ltd Nagpur
3 Industrial Visit at Netlink M.P.State data Centre Industrial Visit 15.03.2022 Ms.Rashmi Gupta,programme Coordinator,MAPIT
4 Statistics in Machine Learning Webinar 08.04.2022 Mr.Tarun Pare,Tech Faculty imagine XP ,Pune
5 Hands-on session on Java Expert Talk 23.10.2021 Alok Hasoriya, Solution Architect, Avakia Software Pvt. Ltd.
6 Emerging Trends in Deep Learning Expert Talk 22.10.2021 Dr. Syed Sadaf ali, PhD, IIT Indore

Student Achievements

Following students received NPTEL Course Completion certificates:

top engineering college in bhopal
top engineering college in bhopal
top engineering college in bhopal
top engineering college in bhopal

Om Grag student of IV semester

  • Won GOLD medal in RGPV State level Taekwondo Tournament.
  • Won RGPV Nodal Lawn Tennis Championship.
top engineering college in bhopal

Shrishti Singh student of IV semester secured second position in RGPV State level Chess tournament.

top engineering college in bhopal

List of Toppers III Sem Toppers

Enrollment No. Name SGPA Photographs
0105AL201008 ADARSH JAISWAL 10 Artificial Intelligence
0105AL201032 LOKESH KUMAR 10 Artificial Intelligence
0105AL201030 KESHAV CHOUDHARY 9.83 Artificial Intelligence
0105AL201038 NIKHIL KUMAR 9.83 Artificial Intelligence
0105AL201046 RAHUL SINGH 9.83 Artificial Intelligence
0105AL201060 UJJAWAL KUMAR 9.83 Artificial Intelligence