Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology was established in the year 2002. The Department imparts the knowledge and skills required for the students to become competent and excel in the broader domain of Information Technology. The students are encouraged to work on live and challenging projects and given exposure to industry- Oriented practices.

The School focus is on holistic learning to help the students to make significant contributions to the Information Technology industry and to serve the society at large.

The department has intake of 120 and having legacy of 2000+ Alumni. The faculty members are highly qualified, motivated and excelling in teaching and learning. They provide opportunities for the students to apply the acquired skill and knowledge for solving real-world problems. The placement record of the department is always impressive right from the inception.

The department always focuses on cutting-edge technologies and best practices of the IT industry. The department has world class infrastructure for teaching-learning. It has industry-supported laboratories for providing opportunities for the students to explore emerging technologies.

B. Tech

Information Technology is used for managing the information, when the amount of information has grown to such a vast extent that the human brain cannot store or process it efficiently. IT deals with the use of hardware and software to store, process, convert, transmit, protect and securely retrieve information. Information Technology has applications in every aspect of our life. Some of them are:-Business and Commerce, Science and Engineering, Education, Governance, Medicine and Entertainment.

Information Technology offers many job opportunities for graduates in several Private and Government sectors. An IT Graduate can even become an Entrepreneur and start his/her own business. Some of the top Private Companies offering jobs for IT graduates are TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Google, Oracle and many more. Some of the Government Organizations are: BHEL, ISRO, OBGS, SAIL, NTPC etc

Course Mode: Full Time Course Duration: 4 Years Seats: 180 Entrance Exam: JEE Main exam
Eligibility :
Based on candidates performance in JEE Mains, on All India Level.
12th Pass out and Aggregate of 45% in PCM for General Category and 40% for SC/ST/OBC(excluding creamy layer) Candidate.

  Our Vision

The department is dedicated to provide an excellent teaching-learning and research based environment to develop undergraduates who are industry centric and ethically responsible to serve the society.

  Our Mission

  • To create awareness of the latest technologies to the undergraduate students for their overall growth.
  • To inculcate professional values and entrepreneurial skills to fulfil the needs of career and society.
  • To motivate the students to pursue higher education, competitive exams, and other value-added programs.
  • To encourage innovation and creativity through competitive environment with state-of the-art infrastructure.

  Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  • Impart skill to describe, determine and construct algorithms in the fields of web intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security, machine learning and data science & analytics in order to design systems.
  • Impart skill to apply software engineering principles to produce quality business solutions.
  • Impart skill to apply recent programming languages, domain knowledge for producing talents.
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Internet Facility:
The 24x7 Internet and Wi-Fi facility in Department and Lab.

The Department of IT has got new Computer Centre having 100 computers with latest configurations (Intel i7, 8GB RAM) laboratories providing computational facility of 150 i2 core computer nodes interconnected via LAN. These nodes are running on the Windows 2000/Windows XP/Linux platform and are equipped with state of art software. Department puts a great emphasis on laboratory work. While laboratories are also used for developing skills to use and apply various concepts, tools and techniques, their main purpose is to develop the core technical as well as general professional competencies through experiential and collaborative learning.

  • C/C++ Programming Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Java & Advance Java Lab
  • Dot Net Lab
  • Android Application Development Lab
  • Matlab
  • Operating System Lab
  • Computer Networking Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • OOAD Lab
  • Cloud Computing Lab
  • IoT Lab
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Science
  • AI, ML & DL
  • Cyber Security Lab
  • Minor Project Lab
  • Major Project Lab

Students Achievements

Arushi Kulshreshth - IT, IV Year
With the tagline-"Reach your potential" Pinakulo is a one of its kind Ed- Tech startup bringing the services of digital marketing, educational conferences, events management and software development under one umbrella.

Atharv Kulkarni - IT, IV Year
Atharva Kulkarni, student of 4th year, IT, Oriental College of Technology, has been shortlisted for NIPP (NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program) Mobility Challenge by NASSCOM in Bangalore. Atharva is the youngest founder and CEO at the competition.

Chancellor’s Award

  • Bharat Maheshwari (0126IT151034), 2017-18
  • Megha Maime (0126IT161060), 2017-18
  • Ayushi Singhai(0126IT131038), 2015-16
  • Deepti Pawar(0126IT131040), 2015-16
  • Ekta Mudaijar(0126IT131046), 2015-16
  • Garima Shrivastava(0126IT121048), 2015-16
  • Sneha Diwedi(0126IT121104), 2014-15
  • Priyanka Rajput(0126IT121080), 2014-15

Srijan Award

  • Srijan Award for Highest Marks in Subject Megha Maini (0126IT161060), 2017-18
  • Srijan Award for Highest Marks in Subject Bharat Maheswari (0126IT151034), 2017-18
  • Winner MPTech Innovative Challenge (RGPV) Shravani Chinni (0126IT1611100), Swapnil (IT), Parul Pandey (IT), 2017-18

Weather App (Live Project), 2019-20
Mayank Khare (0126151053)

Green Wizard (Start-Up B-Nest), 2018-19
Shravani Chinni (0126IT1611100)
Tanmay Jha (0126IT161118)

Smartup TechnoSoft LLP (Start-up), 2018-19
Project Easy Port”under Start Up
Atharva Kulkarni (0126IT161022)
Arjun Patidar (0126IT161014)


Student high scorers of RGPV: session July-Dec, 2017 (Toppers)
Semester VII

1. 0126IT141085 SAKSHI GUPTA 8.63
2. 0126IT141105 SURBHI GIRDHANI 8.63
3. 0126IT141122 YASMEEN PARVEEN 8.63
4. 0126IT141030 AYUSHI BAJAJ 8.56
5. 0126IT141023 ARCHIE BISEN 8.5
1. 0126IT141084 SACHIN ARTANI 8.5
6. 0126IT141114 VAISHNAVI GUPTA 8.5
7. 0126IT141116 VIDHI VORA 8.5
8. 0126IT141016 ANINDYA PARASHAR 8.38
9. 0126IT141045 KOMAL VIDYARTHI 8.38
10. 0126IT141069 RAGINI YADAV 8.38
11. 0126IT141082 ROSHI KHOSLA 8.25
12. 0126IT141087 SARITA RAI 8.25
13. 0126IT141048 LOVELY PRIYA 8.19
14. 0126IT141061 PRACHI BISEN 8.19
15. 0126IT141080 RITIKA SINGH 8.19
16. 0126IT141049 MAHIMA GIRI 8.13
17. 0126IT141056 NELSON B XAVIER 8.13
18. 0126IT141096 SHRADDHA THAKUR 8.13
19. 0126IT141018 ANJALI JAIN 8.06
20. 0126IT141092 SHIVAM SHRIVASTAVA 8.06
21. 0126IT141101 SUBODH RAJAK 8.06

Semester V

1. 0126IT151119 VASUDHA KUCHIYA 9.38
2. 0126IT151060 NEHA GUPTA 9.25
3. 0126IT151075 PRIYAL JAIN 9.13
4. 0126IT151017 ANKITA JAIN 9
5. 0126IT151081 RAKHI AGARWAL 9
6. 0126IT151118 VAIBHAW KUMAR OJHA 9
7. 0126IT151025 ANUSHA GUPTA 8.88
8. 0126IT151034 BHARAT MAHESHWARI 8.88
9. 0126IT151078 RAJAT SAHAGAL 8.88
10. 0126IT151106 SIDDHARTH DAGLIYA 8.75
11. 0126IT151006 AKANSHA BICHU 8.63
12. 0126IT151031 AYUSHI NEMA 8.63
13. 0126IT151064 PARAS BANGDE 8.63
14. 0126IT151103 SHUBHAM AGRAWAL 8.63
15. 0126IT151123 VITHIKA SINGH 8.63
16. 0126IT151117 UZMA SALEEM KHAN 8.56
17. 0126IT151048 KUNIKA JAIN 8.5
18. 0126IT151063 NISHID RANJAN 8.5
19. 0126IT151072 PRATEEKSHA SINGH 8.5
20. 0126IT151087 ROSHANI 8.5
21. 0126IT151044 KANCHAN KUMARI 8.38
22. 0126IT151065 PAWAN KUMAR CHATURVEDI 8.38
23. 0126IT151088 ROSHINI PILLAI 8.38
24. 0126IT151089 RUCHITA SONKUSARE 8.38
25. 0126IT151095 SANSKRITI JAIN 8.38
26. 0126IT151113 SWATI SINHA 8.38

Semester III

1. 0126IT161045 HARDIK GUPTA 9
2. 0126IT161060 MEGHA MAINI 9
3. 0126IT161071 PRACHI GUPTA 8.88
4. 0126IT161109 SONAL JAIN 8.87
5. 0126IT161005 AMAN KESHARWANI 8.81
6. 0126IT161072 PRAGATI SINGH 8.75
7. 0126IT161096 SHAKEEB ARSALAN 8.75
8. 0126IT161103 SHUBHAM KUMAR TIWARI 8.75
9. 0126IT161119 TANYA SHRIVASTAVA 8.75
10. 0126IT161015 ARPIT JAIN 8.63
11. 0126IT161021 ASHWINI KUMARI 8.63
12. 0126IT161066 NUPUR PALIWAL 8.63
13. 0126IT161067 PARAM VEER SINGH 8.63
14. 0126IT161086 RUPESH KUMAR 8.63
15. 0126IT161091 SAKSHI GUPTA 8.63
16. 0126IT161100 SHRAVANI CHINNI 8.63
17. 0126IT161111 SOUMYA JAIN 8.56
18. 0126IT161013 ARCHI SHENDE 8.5
19. 0126IT161087 SABHYATA DUBEY 8.5
20. 0126IT161094 SANYOG THAKRE 8.5
21. 0126IT161102 SHRUTI AGRAWAL 8.5
22. 0126IT161031 BHUMIKA MOTWANI 8.38
23. 0126IT161040 FAWAZ KAMAAL HASHMI 8.38
24. 0126IT161047 HITA JAIN 8.38
25. 0126IT161095 SATYARTH SUMAN 8.38
26. 0126IT161030 BHAVYA KETHEPALLI 8.25
27. 0126IT161035 DEEPIKA PATEL 8.25
28. 0126IT161041 GAURI RAGHUWANSHI 8.25
29. 0126IT161056 MAHIMA SARRAF 8.25
30. 0126IT161065 NITYA BAJPAI 8.25
31. 0126IT161080 PUSHPANJALI KUMARI 8.25
32. 0126IT161097 SHASHANK CHOUKSEY 8.25

Students’ achievement in Co Curricular and Extracurricular fields (Cultural/Literary/Sports) outside the Institute.

1. Sakshi Garde Winner 4*100 relay gold at RGPV Nodel affiliated competition
2. Anubhav Singh Athletics Nodal and won Bronze Gold Medal,Handball nodal and won Gold Medal
3. Sanjna Guha Athletics Nodal ,Badminton
4. Tanmay Jha Nodal Cricket
5. Arpit Gupta National Level Cricket Players
6. Aman Vyas Bronze (Individual Level ) and Gold Medel (Team) in National Level Karate , at Bangluru
Gold Madel in National Karate Event at Dehradoon
7. Ashutosh Upadhyay Winner Nodel Tennis Turament and selected for Nationals
8. Anubhav Purohit Captin of Basket Ball Team (Nodel Winner)
9. Yash Dubey National Level Cricket Players
10. Ratan Singh Nodal winnner in kabaddi.
Nodal runnerup in circle kabaddi.
State level selected in circle kabaddi tournament.
Head coordinator in techacme.

Recent Activities

Industrial Visit 18 th May, 2022
Department of Information technology of Oriental college of Technology Bhopal organized one day Industrial visit to CRISP Bhopal for IV semester students on 18th of May 2022. The objective of this visit was to make students aware of recent trends and technology. 58 students participated and got benefited of this visit. They have gained knowledge and understanding of networking, AI & ML, IOT, Embedded system, Graphics Design, Multimedia and Java and Oracle. The visit was coordinated by Ms. Sandhya Vishwakarma and Mr. Sachin Malviya of IT Department. It was an interactive knowledge sharing and practical session. Students have shown great enthusiasm during the visit.

Industrial Visit 4 th March, 2022
Department of Information Technology, Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal conducted an industrial visit at Surveillance System of Traffic Police Station, Police Control Room, Bhopal and Integrated Traffic Management System located at Bhopal Smart City Bhopal for VI SEM students, on 04th of March, 2022. Thirty Eight students participated in this visit and learnt about current traffic management system under the supervision of Mr. Devendra Yadav (TI Traffic), Ms. Surbhi Shukla (SI,Traffic) , Mr. Ashok Prajapti and Ms. Sangeeta (SI, Traffic) Integrated Traffic Management System. Students gained the knowledge about the importance of video wall and recording of live accident, digital evidence and how the communication takes place between ODC (Outdoor Cabinet) to control room. They studied about the procedure to generate the echallan, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, how the Traffic Management System maintains the records in their servers etc. The visit was very beneficial to all the students, in the field of Information.

Workshop 16 th -18 th April, 2022
Department of Information Technology Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal, organized Three Days Online Workshop on “SOFTWARE TESTING TOOLS” on 16 th – 18 th April, 2022. Ms. Piu Roy Software Tester Green Pocket Schanzenstr Germany was the expert. The main focus of this workshop was to provide exposure of Software Testing and Tools to the students. All the students of the IT Department actively participated in the workshop.

Alumni Talk 7 th August, 2021
Department of Information Technology Oriental College Technology, Bhopal is organising an Alumni Talk on the topic of “Getting Ready for the Future Endeavour” on 7th August, 2021 at 03:30 PM. The Talk will be addressed by one of our alumni Mr. Anniruddha Trivedi [OCT 2018 Batch]. M. Tech IIIT Bangalore in Computer Science. He is working with GE Digital as a Digital Technology Intern.

Technical Panel Discussion 16 th June, 2021
Department of Information Technology, Oriental College of Technology Bhopal has organized a Technical Panel Discussion on the topic of “Information Technology (Intermediaries Guideline) Rules 2021” Online on 16 June 2021 at 3:00 PM. This discussion has made attendees aware of how the IT Rules 2021 impacted online intermediaries.

CSI Student Chapters

Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Branch

The Computer Society of India (CSI) Student Branch of Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal is hosted and run by the department of Information Technology. This branch is accredited to engage in Knowledge Sharing, Technology and Skill Upgradation. The branch has over 80 members and is run by a Managing Committee (MC) of students under the guidance of a faculty member, who acts as the Student Branch Counsellor (SBC).

About Computer Society of India

Computer Society of India (CSI) is India's first and largest professional body for IT professionals. It has reached 18000 memberships in a span of about three decades. Formed in 1965, CSI has been instrumental in mentoring the Indian IT industry during its developing years as also launching the first training, certification and human resource development programmes in computing in India. The purposes of the Society are scientific and educational directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of computer science and IT.

List of Students for CSI Student Branch Accreditation for the year 2019-20